Capturing life's most precious moments

December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS! realizing that the majority of you will be reading this AFTER the fact, we hope you all had a wonderful day and that Santa brought you all the good things you wanted! Here are some cute pics of Bub opening his presents in his new Jammas! Yes, they were still taken by our crappy camera and are mostly fuzzy, but Santa couldn't afford my new car and a new camera, so when tax returns come, he promised he would make it up to me!

December 18, 2008

The Flu Who Stole Christmas

Bubba has been one sick little boy, so anyone thinking about bringing me those yummy Christmas goodies I know you are all making me, just leave them on my porch so you don't catch his bug. It all started on Wednesday Morning, around 12:30 am, when I woke up to Bubba sobbing about "Yucky poop". I went into his room, half expecting something out of his diaper, but found something just as gross and equally smelly from the other end. He then continued to vomit every 5-15 mminutes THE WHOLE NIGHT! He wasn't able to stop until 12:27 the following afternoon. Twelve hours of family fun. Then he was fine the whole day, just extra cute and snuggly. Then around 2:30ish the following morning, he started again. This time, he asked to watch the Grinch, since I had put it on as something to occupy him between hurles the night before. It wasn't as bad as before, as it only happened once, and he didn;t get it on his favorite blanket so I didn't have to worry about the laundary until the next morning. Then he was fine again all day Thursday, and slept great all night. Then this morning, the bug took out all stops and plegded an attack on our little house. First on the rug, which conveniently followed Bubba's consumption of purple Gatorade. Then it started coming out the other end, and Bub was just a mess. He would follow me around, saying my name, and just moaning. He didn't eat hardly anything all day, except some salad and peanut butter bread, but thanks to the flu-who-stole-Christmas, the puking started again tonight at 11:30. And here I sit... Watching the Grinch (of course)... Waiting for the favorite blankie to finish in the dryer... Oh the joys of the season (and motherhood).

December 11, 2008

Not passing puppies

For those of you who have talked to Bubba about the new addition to our family, we went to the doctor today and it was confirmed. We are NOT having a litter of puppies! It is, indeed, one very small human child who is due the 24th of June. Sorry to disappoint you Bub. You cannot "pass" and have "puppies" instead.

December 7, 2008

Interestingly enough

So, I am feeling particulary blessed right now. I've been feeling a lot better now that i am approaching my twelfth week, so that in itself is a blessing. When I was pregnant with Bub,I had some blood tests done that determined that I have a Dominant genetic disorder called factor 5 Lydin, or Thrombophilia. Shortly after Bubba was born, I found out that I had developed hypothyroidism, meaning my thyroid doesn't function as it should. I've learned this week that a lot of women with either of these conditions have problems with infertility and miscarriage. Having both makes my risk just that much greater, but here I am, complaining of a sickness that some women will never get the chance to experience. at first, I felt guilty and ungrateful, but now I'm simply feeling blessed. I love being a mom, and am grateful for the opportunity I have to do so :D

December 2, 2008

Another Bubba-ism

So yesterday, I was sitting on the couch, trying to keep myself from getting sick, and Bubba was being WAY too quiet. I heard him making small noises in the kitchen, and then a second later, he peeked his head in the room, with an "I'm in trouble" look on his face, and said "Oh no! Poop!" hmmm. No dogs inside, so probably not poop. No worries! I walked into the kitchen, and saw the naked caboose of my son. He had told the truth! He took his diaper off, needed to go, and went... All over my kitchen floor...I actually laughed, as disgusting as it sounds, and wrote about it in his journal for use as future black mail :D what a silly boy!

November 25, 2008

Full of Thanks

I figure that now is one of the best times of year to express the many things I am grateful for. I know that i won't be able to list everything, but here are a few of my greatest blessings (in no particular order)...
My wonderful Husband- He works SO hard going to school full-time and working all the overtime he can get so that I can stay home with Jaxon. He also puts up with a lot from me, expecially when I'm pregnant.
My Beautiful Son-He brings so much joy into my life, and I couldn't imagine the world without his beautiful smile. I love his smell, his dimples, his thick blonde hair, his sweet little voice, how he gets so excited about everything, the love he has for life and everyone/everything in it, and most of all that he is part of my Forever Family.
My Savior- This goes without saying, but I owe everything I have, everything I am, and everything I'm going to be to my Savior. Life would be pretty sad and lonely at times if i didn't know he was always there.
saltine crackers-Just about the only thing I can eat some days, these crackers are keeping me from completely wasting away.
my house- It may not be very big, and like a hundred years old, but the heater works and keeps my family warm. I enjoy the comforts of electric everything. I can have warm water on demand. And its a place to raise my family and teach them the gospel.
My Huge family-Between our parents, Kyle's 5 brothers and sister, my 10 brothers and sisters, 17 neices and nephews, all our cousins and aunts and uncles, there is always someone there when you need them.
My Awesome friends-I think I have the coolest friends in the world! Ones who have helped us fix our car when they had no idea that money was very tight. Ones who have helped us side our home, and make it look so much better. Ones who we can call for any favor, and know that they will help us if they can.
My freedom- I wouldn't be able to enjoy many of the things I do if it weren't for where I was lucky enough to be born. I'm grateful for the freedom that I never personally had to fight for, but that so many lost their lives over
I know there are so many more things I could list, but one of my biggest blessings wants some milk, so I think I've done a pretty good job of summing it up. I'm just thankful for this time of year. For the feeling in the air that comes with the season. Most of all, I'm thankful to be alive.

November 18, 2008

Announcement and suggestions?

Word is starting to get around, so I thought I would let everyone know that WE ARE EXPECTING!!! We are SO excited! I am due the 26 of June, and am about 9 weeks along. I have NEVER been so sick in my life. I think if it had been like this with Bub, he might have been an only child. I'm usually only nauseated during the day, but at night, I can't do anything. I can't eat anything but oatmeal, toast, soda crackers, and water, and I can only eat a couple crackers passed 4, or I'm up all night. Believe me, I try other foods when they sound good, but it never stays down for very long, and then whatever I tried can't even be smelled or I vomit. I'm SO nauseated, and my sides and back are sore and tired from the constant puking. UGH! i don't know if the huge difference between this pregnancy and the last one has to do with my thyroid problem, my 60 lb weight loss, or something else, but I've already lost another 9 lbs in these nine weeks, and am hoping and praying that this is a "first trimester" thing, and will be over soon. Poor Bubba and Kyle have to deal with my moodiness, and they are such troopers. Don't get me wrong, I'm so excited for Bubba to be a big brother and to have another child in our family, but this stinks. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might try that will make me feel better? Anything that is easy to keep down that I haven't thought of? Anyway, it really IS happy news.

November 16, 2008

Move that bus

Ok, so I'm sitting here right now, checkin my blog, and the news just happens to be on. Bubba is playing by himself very nicely, and a story came on the news about the Proposition 8 protests. The people were walking around holding signs, and I saw Bubba get a little gleem in his eye. He walked up to the television, started punching his arm up and down, and saying "Moo ba bus, Moo ba bus". then he turned aroung with his big heart-melting grin that says "I'm so smart" Anyone who watches Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, might know why he was a little confused. It was hilarious, so I thought everyone would appreciate reading about it.

November 2, 2008

So Sad!

So, we went to Idaho for Halloween because my nephew was baptised on Saturday, and my niece was blessed on Sunday. They were both awesome experiences for everyone involved, except Bubba. He has been SO sick, which stunk since we stayed with my brother and sister-in-law, who have three small children, and were around everyone else with all their children. At first, we thought he was just cutting his two-year molars, but he has been lethargic, quiet, sleepy all day, only wanting to snuggle, which is VERY unlike him. Especially when other children are involved. He is still sick, with a fever of 101, and just moans and won't let us put him down. Poor baby :( Thank goodness for Motrin and Tylenol! And family members who promised they won't hate me if all their kids get sick too :S

October 21, 2008

New Bow Blog

I have a new blog under our name. It is, and it lists all my handmade bows, headbands, and flowers. I'm still working on it, but check it out and let me know what you think. thanks!

October 14, 2008

Little Blessing

I know I've posted today already, but I have to tell everyone the cutest thing that just happened. My little stud and I were saying our evening prayers, and for the first time, he decided to help me. When I started "Heavenly Father" he copied me. Then I said "thank you for our blessings", and he mumbled his own version of what he thought I said. Then I went on, and after everything I said after that, he said "and Daddy", "my Daddy","Daddy" It was so sweet because even with the little amount of knowledge that he has about praying, he knows that we always bless his Daddy, and he wanted to make sure I didn'y forget. That just goes to show me that he really does listen to what I say, and maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right.

Funnies By Bub

Well, Bubba is 22 months old now, and funny as heck! He talks non-stop, usually to his stuffed animals or "babies", and mostly about nothing. Sometimes, though, he comes up with the funniest things. Kyle has started working graves, so he is usually not home when Bub goes to bed. The other day when we woke up, Bubba walked into the front room, looked around, and said "There Daddy shoes. Where Daddy?" It was so funny! I guess it stands to reason that if Daddy's shoes are sitting on the ground, daddy must be somewhere around here. Anyway, He is so funny and makes me laugh everyday! PS this picture just shows how crappy my camera is, and why I'm that much more excited to be getting my new one!!

October 13, 2008

SHHHH! It's a Secret...

So, I found out not only what I'm getting for my birthday next week(on the 22, I'm sure you already knew that :D), but I also know what I'm getting for Christmas!!! Yay! Kyle is getting me a portable GPS system, which if anyone has ever driven anywhere with me, you know why:D And for Christmas he is getting me the Canon EOS Kiss X2 / Digital Rebel xSi. I'm still deciding between the silver one and the black one...any ideas? I'm so excited, but I'm not waiting til Christmas to get it cause I need it for Bubba's 2-year pics and our Christmas card photo. Anyway, don't tell anyone cause it's a secret :D

October 12, 2008

Just the boys.

Bub is a big daddy's boy. Since Kyle started working graves, sometimes at night Bubba goes
around crying for his daddy. When he's home, Bub just can't get enugh of him. He also loves to give kisses to his Mommy :D

October 1, 2008

This summer, Kyle and I took a little trip down to St. George with some dear friends. Thanks so Mamau and Gramp, who watched Bub during our four-day adventure, we were able to have fun in the sun going to Vegas, swimming, eating way too much, and taking lots of naps ;D.

We also were able to take Bub to his first baseball game, where he got a fly ball and a t-shirt, and fell down the back of the folding seat. To sum it up, we took a little over-night trip with some other great friends to Park City where we ate, ran in the rain, showed off our amazing syncronized swimming skills, and stayed up late battling over a game of Trouble. This summer was way too short, but lots of fun!!

September 22, 2008

Hookie, Puppies, and the Legend of the Lost Sippie

Well, this weekend was our stake conference, so naturally, we took a little break. I teach primary, so when I get a chance to get a weekend off, watch out. They had announced it for six months, which was obviously so people could plan ahead of time to be out of town. haha, maybe not, but our little over-nighter to Park city with Tyler and Jaime was way fun. No babies, no bed-time, just crazy up-all-night fun(really, we were in bed by midnight). Thanks, friends!

We still have a male puppy and two female puppies of anyone knows anyone who is interested. Seriously, they are the cutest things ever!!
Bub is adorable. Kyle started working graves so he could go to school during the day, and Bubba walks around at night just crying for Daddy. He caught a football last night several times all by himself, and he's not even two. He also knows which letters of the alphabet are which, and how to count to two :D lol, he is a smarty pants!

We took Bub to the Zoo for the first time, and he loved it. He even tried giving his sippy to the monkey in the metal ball. Luckily, the monkey was being fed, and the nice lady with the bananas retrieved the otherwise lost-forever sippy.

September 1, 2008

Back to School

Well, school is back in session, and it looks like it's going ot be a long semester. My classes seem pretty easy, but Kyle had to switch to night shift. He goes to work at 5p, gets home at 5:30a, sleeps until 8:30 a, goes to school until noon, comes home at 12:30 and sleeps until 4:30, then goes to work again by 5. So far he has been doing ok, but I know I would DIE with that small amount of sleep. Oh well, he IS superman, ya know?

August 6, 2008

Zoey, our miniature Schnauzer, had puppies six weeks ago, and they are ready to go home! I love Schnauzers

because they don't shed since they have hair, and not fur. We still have a male and three females that we haven't sold, but we are working on it! They are SO cute!!! Bubba loves to pull them around in the wagon that we take them outside in. It is very cute! He also shares his blankie with them, and loves giving them kisses. If anyone knows anyone who wants one...they are AKC registered and are so sweet! Ready to go home on Thursday...


I am so Excited!1 Kyle passed all of his 17 credits, and I am so proud of him! He had a rough semester, but he did it!! We're bith taking it easier next semester, which should be nice! Kyle and I are headed to St. George next week for a little fun in the...air conditioner. Bub is staying with my mom, which is good because it will be so hot I'm sure we won't do anything that he would think was fun. We are going to Tuachan to see Les Mes, and to Vegas. I;m pretty excited, but I;ve never been away from Bubba over night, and this will be for four....

July 30, 2008

SO blessed

Ok, so summer semester is almomst over (on Friday, YAY!) and Kyle and I took our last Chemestry test on Monday. Kyle had studied his little heart out, and did WAY better on this test than any of the other big ones, but his final grade was a C-, meaning that he would have to take the time and spend the money to retake the five credits, not to mention that his work wouldn't reimburse us for the class because he didn't pass. Well, we were really bumbed, but then we got an email from our teacher saying that he was grading on a curve, and to email him if we wanted to know our new grades. Kyle emailed him, and when he got the professor's response, he texted me "Yeah I got a C. I think I'm gonna pee my pants..." We were so excited. So he doesn't have to retake the stinkin class! We are SO blessed!

July 17, 2008

Summer Semester!!

Well, Summer semester is coming to a close, and I am so ready to be done with school. I don't even remember why I went back :D My poor family has been severly neglected! I haven't made a home-cooked meal more than maybe twice the whole semester! My hoouse is dirtier than it's ever been, and I just can't justify doing either of these things very often. I have a KILLER pathophysiology class this semester that takes up most of my time, and when I'm not studying for that, I have to play with Jax cause I don't want him to be sad. He has started crying whenever I go to my mom's cause he thinks I am going to leave him there, like I do when I go to school or have to take a test. There are a few good things that have come out of this, though. I have decided to cut my load next semester to 13 credits instead of the 17 I was registered for, and they are all pretty easy classes, so that should help A TON. I only have two semesters left, and I can be done forever if I want. Kyle has realized how much he doesn't like me going to school, so he's totally fine if I never go back. I may someday, but for now, I'm very much looking forward to the end!

June 14, 2008

Boy Boo-Boos

Bubba is a boy who is full of bumps and bruises, and has had WAY too many to count.He got the one on the right when he was walking in the hall and fell, hitting his head right on the corner of the wall. The other he got when he fell off a chair at Mamau's house. He smacked his lip, chin, and cheek on the tile floor of had a bloody nose. Boys and their boo-boos!

Bubba's First Trip to Lagoon

Bubba and I went to Lagoon with my Friend Jamie and her son, who is Bubba's bud. We only got to go on the choo-choo, but it was fun. Bub liked looking at all the animals, but when we got to the cage that had a big toy ball in it, he about jumped out of his seat. It was a fun day!

School n stuff

School is going well...I think. Kyle is still doing all his credits, but I had to drop a class at the request of one of my professors. He didn't like me doing Patho and Microbiology at the same time. So I'm doing 15 now, which keeps me busy. Bubba is so funny! He was entered in the Washington Terrace Baby contest again yesterday, and there were a ton of kids in his age group. he got runner-up for King, but we were kind of glad because we got to go to the parade this morning instead of having to be in it. :D We all know he is the cutest boy ever! He loves "Choo-Choos" and making noises of dogs, cats, birds, sheep, and most recently, monkeys. He talks and signs and can get his point across really well. We had to teach him "help" in sign and speach because his tantrums were getting crazy, but he has caught on, and asks for "hep" all the time. Kyle is busy working and going to school, so there isn't much time for studying, but he is doing well he says :D. We are all happy and healthy and just doing great!

April 23, 2008

Spring semester

Well...Spring semester is coming to a close, and summer is just around the corner. Kyle and I are both taking 18 credits this summer...this should be interesting :D We are taking 8 of those together, so at least we can study together. We both just want to be DONE!! Bubba is so funny. His first sentance was "where's Daddy go?" and "where's Kyle go?" pretty good for only 15 months, but its true that Daddy is a very busy boy. But, no pain no gain, and when he gets his degree, not only will he be making more money(yay) but I think he'll have a sense of accomplishment that he did something great all by himself. We got our clogg fixed by Royal Flush-they did a great job and they offer a 30 day guarantee. their price was only $89, which was way better than some of the other places we called. Things are great, just trying to make it through Kyle's finals. Life is grand!