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October 13, 2008

SHHHH! It's a Secret...

So, I found out not only what I'm getting for my birthday next week(on the 22, I'm sure you already knew that :D), but I also know what I'm getting for Christmas!!! Yay! Kyle is getting me a portable GPS system, which if anyone has ever driven anywhere with me, you know why:D And for Christmas he is getting me the Canon EOS Kiss X2 / Digital Rebel xSi. I'm still deciding between the silver one and the black one...any ideas? I'm so excited, but I'm not waiting til Christmas to get it cause I need it for Bubba's 2-year pics and our Christmas card photo. Anyway, don't tell anyone cause it's a secret :D

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Yeah! We can be Rebel buddies! But I'm scared that you won't want to be my friend anymore now that you'll have your own! :) Oh the good times we'll have snapping away!