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July 29, 2010

Kudos Kiddos

"I Love my children."
I find myself saying this to myself several times a day, especially about a certain tantrum-throwing, mule-stubborn, born-to-be-wild 3 year old.

No really, I DO love them, some days I just need to remind myself a little more why I do what I do.

Yesterday was one of those days...

On these days, I go to sleep thinking "tomorrow is another day..."

And I try not to cry :D
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July 22, 2010


It's Hot.

VERY hot!!!

The kind of hot where all you want to do is run around in the shady grass in bare feet.

The kind of hot that makes you wish you had a swimming pool to live in. And someone else to clean it.

Heat that makes you grateful for air conditioning.

The kind of heat that makes you realize, if you have to be in it, sweating like a piglet in a frying pan...

there's no one else you'd rather be miserable with.
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