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February 25, 2010

One of THOSE days

So, I promised that I would do a post this week on something other than my kids, and I have to admit, it took a lot more brain power than I anticipated. But, I did it!

On top of that, having been asked to co-host PSF, I had the added stress of trying to find a really neat picture and write something life-changing. yeah...I gave up...

Today, I've been kinda feeling like this...

Old, insignificant, a little unkempt, and speeding around a little too fast.

It kinda made me wonder what sorts of things someone might tag all over me...

Hopefully, they would be nice...(or at least, like in the picture, in languages I didn't understand)

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February 18, 2010


This kid's good nature and sweet personality are just two of the things I LOVE about him.

He has a tendancy to make an almost unbearable day so much better with just one little smile...
see what I mean?
He's had a few health problems, but he always comes out grinning. And seriously...
could this kid be ANY cuter??

And next week...I've vowed to do a post on something other than my kids...:D
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February 4, 2010

Special New Cousin

This is a very special picture.

Not just because my baby is in it.

Or because my very first nephew is sitting next to him.

It's special because it marks the end AND beginning of an amazing journey for my little sis.

Three years ago in March, unwed and in high school, she placed her baby girl with a loving family because she wanted her to have more.

Then last January, she held her precious baby daughter's hand as she slipped away after only a few short days of life.

Then, on a special day that he and my Bubba share, she brought her first son, my first nephew, into this world.

And two days later, she FINALLY got to bring home her baby.

And yes, we are all THAT excited!
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