Capturing life's most precious moments

January 29, 2009


Havin just turned 2, Bubba is a big boy who learns fast and is very smart. He loves to run around the house naked, and since I am somewhat of a germ-aphobe, I told him if he wants his diaper off, he had to sit on the potty and try to go so we didn't have pee all over the floor. He has had lots of accidents, and each time, I clean it up, and tell him that he can't go potty on the floor, and put his diaper back on. I was always sure not to make him feel bad or like he was in trouble, but he caught on. All of a sudden two days ago, he came to me, holding himself, and said he had to poop. I got excited and ran with him to the bathroom, where he actually peed! Now he is regularly going #1 and #2 with just a few accidents!!

Now, whenever we are home, he gets to be "Nay-kid", and has been doing so great telling me when he needs to go! He even went in this morning and went #2 without telling me, and came out saying "Good Job!" to himself. With the baby coming in less than five months, I'm SO glad that he decided he is ready so maybe we wont have to buy twice the amount of diapers. We bought him his first pairs of big-boy underwear, with Cars on them, and he is so proud! I just love that little man!

January 28, 2009

Families are Forever!

I am so glad for the knowledge that i have that Fmailies can be together forever! Because of the passing of Kelley's baby girl Capri, we had the whole family together for the first time with all our husbands, so we decided to do family pictures. Everyone looked so great!

Bubba's 2-year pics

So, the main reason we decided to get such a nice camera was because every time we took Bubba to get his pictures taken professionally, it was hard to get him to smile, and I never really liked the look of pictures taken indoors, so this way I can take them myself and not have to pay a ton for pictures that I might not really love. Here are some I took to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

We're Back!

So, our power cord on our laptop broke, and we have been out of commission for a few weeks, but we're back on track. I FINALLY got my new camera, and I LOVE IT!! I took some funny pics just to try it out, I especially love the one of Kyle.

January 3, 2009

Bored Much?

Today was Kyle's first Saturday back at work in a few months, and I was working tediously in the kitchen, so Bubba got a little bored and tried to entertain himself. First he made a "choo-choo" out of Ritz crackers, which I thought was pretty creative and impressive for a two-year-old. Then, when that got old, he decided to take a marker to our bedroom door and his face. Thanks goodness it was wet-erase!