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October 21, 2008

New Bow Blog

I have a new blog under our name. It is, and it lists all my handmade bows, headbands, and flowers. I'm still working on it, but check it out and let me know what you think. thanks!

October 14, 2008

Little Blessing

I know I've posted today already, but I have to tell everyone the cutest thing that just happened. My little stud and I were saying our evening prayers, and for the first time, he decided to help me. When I started "Heavenly Father" he copied me. Then I said "thank you for our blessings", and he mumbled his own version of what he thought I said. Then I went on, and after everything I said after that, he said "and Daddy", "my Daddy","Daddy" It was so sweet because even with the little amount of knowledge that he has about praying, he knows that we always bless his Daddy, and he wanted to make sure I didn'y forget. That just goes to show me that he really does listen to what I say, and maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right.

Funnies By Bub

Well, Bubba is 22 months old now, and funny as heck! He talks non-stop, usually to his stuffed animals or "babies", and mostly about nothing. Sometimes, though, he comes up with the funniest things. Kyle has started working graves, so he is usually not home when Bub goes to bed. The other day when we woke up, Bubba walked into the front room, looked around, and said "There Daddy shoes. Where Daddy?" It was so funny! I guess it stands to reason that if Daddy's shoes are sitting on the ground, daddy must be somewhere around here. Anyway, He is so funny and makes me laugh everyday! PS this picture just shows how crappy my camera is, and why I'm that much more excited to be getting my new one!!

October 13, 2008

SHHHH! It's a Secret...

So, I found out not only what I'm getting for my birthday next week(on the 22, I'm sure you already knew that :D), but I also know what I'm getting for Christmas!!! Yay! Kyle is getting me a portable GPS system, which if anyone has ever driven anywhere with me, you know why:D And for Christmas he is getting me the Canon EOS Kiss X2 / Digital Rebel xSi. I'm still deciding between the silver one and the black one...any ideas? I'm so excited, but I'm not waiting til Christmas to get it cause I need it for Bubba's 2-year pics and our Christmas card photo. Anyway, don't tell anyone cause it's a secret :D

October 12, 2008

Just the boys.

Bub is a big daddy's boy. Since Kyle started working graves, sometimes at night Bubba goes
around crying for his daddy. When he's home, Bub just can't get enugh of him. He also loves to give kisses to his Mommy :D

October 1, 2008

This summer, Kyle and I took a little trip down to St. George with some dear friends. Thanks so Mamau and Gramp, who watched Bub during our four-day adventure, we were able to have fun in the sun going to Vegas, swimming, eating way too much, and taking lots of naps ;D.

We also were able to take Bub to his first baseball game, where he got a fly ball and a t-shirt, and fell down the back of the folding seat. To sum it up, we took a little over-night trip with some other great friends to Park City where we ate, ran in the rain, showed off our amazing syncronized swimming skills, and stayed up late battling over a game of Trouble. This summer was way too short, but lots of fun!!