Capturing life's most precious moments

December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS! realizing that the majority of you will be reading this AFTER the fact, we hope you all had a wonderful day and that Santa brought you all the good things you wanted! Here are some cute pics of Bub opening his presents in his new Jammas! Yes, they were still taken by our crappy camera and are mostly fuzzy, but Santa couldn't afford my new car and a new camera, so when tax returns come, he promised he would make it up to me!

December 18, 2008

The Flu Who Stole Christmas

Bubba has been one sick little boy, so anyone thinking about bringing me those yummy Christmas goodies I know you are all making me, just leave them on my porch so you don't catch his bug. It all started on Wednesday Morning, around 12:30 am, when I woke up to Bubba sobbing about "Yucky poop". I went into his room, half expecting something out of his diaper, but found something just as gross and equally smelly from the other end. He then continued to vomit every 5-15 mminutes THE WHOLE NIGHT! He wasn't able to stop until 12:27 the following afternoon. Twelve hours of family fun. Then he was fine the whole day, just extra cute and snuggly. Then around 2:30ish the following morning, he started again. This time, he asked to watch the Grinch, since I had put it on as something to occupy him between hurles the night before. It wasn't as bad as before, as it only happened once, and he didn;t get it on his favorite blanket so I didn't have to worry about the laundary until the next morning. Then he was fine again all day Thursday, and slept great all night. Then this morning, the bug took out all stops and plegded an attack on our little house. First on the rug, which conveniently followed Bubba's consumption of purple Gatorade. Then it started coming out the other end, and Bub was just a mess. He would follow me around, saying my name, and just moaning. He didn't eat hardly anything all day, except some salad and peanut butter bread, but thanks to the flu-who-stole-Christmas, the puking started again tonight at 11:30. And here I sit... Watching the Grinch (of course)... Waiting for the favorite blankie to finish in the dryer... Oh the joys of the season (and motherhood).

December 11, 2008

Not passing puppies

For those of you who have talked to Bubba about the new addition to our family, we went to the doctor today and it was confirmed. We are NOT having a litter of puppies! It is, indeed, one very small human child who is due the 24th of June. Sorry to disappoint you Bub. You cannot "pass" and have "puppies" instead.

December 7, 2008

Interestingly enough

So, I am feeling particulary blessed right now. I've been feeling a lot better now that i am approaching my twelfth week, so that in itself is a blessing. When I was pregnant with Bub,I had some blood tests done that determined that I have a Dominant genetic disorder called factor 5 Lydin, or Thrombophilia. Shortly after Bubba was born, I found out that I had developed hypothyroidism, meaning my thyroid doesn't function as it should. I've learned this week that a lot of women with either of these conditions have problems with infertility and miscarriage. Having both makes my risk just that much greater, but here I am, complaining of a sickness that some women will never get the chance to experience. at first, I felt guilty and ungrateful, but now I'm simply feeling blessed. I love being a mom, and am grateful for the opportunity I have to do so :D

December 2, 2008

Another Bubba-ism

So yesterday, I was sitting on the couch, trying to keep myself from getting sick, and Bubba was being WAY too quiet. I heard him making small noises in the kitchen, and then a second later, he peeked his head in the room, with an "I'm in trouble" look on his face, and said "Oh no! Poop!" hmmm. No dogs inside, so probably not poop. No worries! I walked into the kitchen, and saw the naked caboose of my son. He had told the truth! He took his diaper off, needed to go, and went... All over my kitchen floor...I actually laughed, as disgusting as it sounds, and wrote about it in his journal for use as future black mail :D what a silly boy!