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August 27, 2009

Silly Bubba

Bubba is such a silly little two-year-old! He decided, after the baby was finished with his bath the other night, that he needed to take a bath in the baby tub. He thought it was the most fun thing he'd done all day. Sometimes he says the darndest things.
Today, I was holding the baby, and Bub walked up and licked him on his forehead. I said "That's yuck, Bub!" He ignored me, and said to Stink "Baby, wanna bath?"

August 16, 2009

Such a BiG Boy!!!

Stinker is six weeks old now, and growing like a weed! Our little piggy already weighs over ten pounds!!! He is sleeping 7-10 hours a night, which Mom is LOVING!!! Bubba loves being a big brother, and just can't get enough of his new baby.

And here is our cute little cheeser at six weeks!

August 5, 2009

Stink's Blessing

Stinker is such a sweet baby, and an amazing little addition to our family. We celebrated his blessing on August 2. We had a lot of our wonderful friends and family come to support us, and the blessing, performed by Kyle, was beautiful. We partied afterward at my parent's house, where we ate til we were sick, roasted in the blazing heat, and laughed until we almost cried. Oh, and Bubba dropped his Sprite all over Shawn's new wife's skirt. Good times...