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January 21, 2010

How it's gonna be

He may be my little "Ogre"now, but it won't last forever.

He may cry about cleaning up his toys, but one day he won't want to be home long enough to make a mess.

He may need to be bribed with broccoli or green beans to eat his spaggetti, but once he realizes vegetables are good for you, I'm certain this will change.

He might say forbidden words like "Stupid" and "Shut-up" when he gets mad, but one day I'm sure he'll slip much worse.

He torments and teases his brother now, taking away toys just because he's bigger, but one day Stink will be big enough to fight back.

But this is gonna last Forever. Always looking over his little brother's shoulder, and always there when he needs someone to lean on.

And vice-versa.
I pitty the kid who decides to take on these two...

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