Capturing life's most precious moments

June 14, 2008

Boy Boo-Boos

Bubba is a boy who is full of bumps and bruises, and has had WAY too many to count.He got the one on the right when he was walking in the hall and fell, hitting his head right on the corner of the wall. The other he got when he fell off a chair at Mamau's house. He smacked his lip, chin, and cheek on the tile floor of had a bloody nose. Boys and their boo-boos!

Bubba's First Trip to Lagoon

Bubba and I went to Lagoon with my Friend Jamie and her son, who is Bubba's bud. We only got to go on the choo-choo, but it was fun. Bub liked looking at all the animals, but when we got to the cage that had a big toy ball in it, he about jumped out of his seat. It was a fun day!

School n stuff

School is going well...I think. Kyle is still doing all his credits, but I had to drop a class at the request of one of my professors. He didn't like me doing Patho and Microbiology at the same time. So I'm doing 15 now, which keeps me busy. Bubba is so funny! He was entered in the Washington Terrace Baby contest again yesterday, and there were a ton of kids in his age group. he got runner-up for King, but we were kind of glad because we got to go to the parade this morning instead of having to be in it. :D We all know he is the cutest boy ever! He loves "Choo-Choos" and making noises of dogs, cats, birds, sheep, and most recently, monkeys. He talks and signs and can get his point across really well. We had to teach him "help" in sign and speach because his tantrums were getting crazy, but he has caught on, and asks for "hep" all the time. Kyle is busy working and going to school, so there isn't much time for studying, but he is doing well he says :D. We are all happy and healthy and just doing great!