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October 14, 2008

Little Blessing

I know I've posted today already, but I have to tell everyone the cutest thing that just happened. My little stud and I were saying our evening prayers, and for the first time, he decided to help me. When I started "Heavenly Father" he copied me. Then I said "thank you for our blessings", and he mumbled his own version of what he thought I said. Then I went on, and after everything I said after that, he said "and Daddy", "my Daddy","Daddy" It was so sweet because even with the little amount of knowledge that he has about praying, he knows that we always bless his Daddy, and he wanted to make sure I didn'y forget. That just goes to show me that he really does listen to what I say, and maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right.


Jaime said...

Of course you're doing something right!! You're awesome! I just love that little man.

Becky said...

Those moments are so precious and ones you won't ever forget! Thanks for commenting on my blog- I don't think I even knew that you had one! Love ya!

Kristen said...

I love that you found me. It's the best when the kids start praying on their own. Just wait til he wants to start saying whatever he wants. Then you get some really funny stuff.