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October 12, 2008

Just the boys.

Bub is a big daddy's boy. Since Kyle started working graves, sometimes at night Bubba goes
around crying for his daddy. When he's home, Bub just can't get enugh of him. He also loves to give kisses to his Mommy :D


The Johnson Fam said...

He is so cute. I deal with the same thing with Sadie. Charlie is never home now that he is in Grad School and Sadie is constantly asking where he is. She will say, "dad at school or work?" I have to tell her which one and then she seems to understand. Those kids just love their daddies!

Jaime said...

I never realized how Jax has such perfect replicas of Kyle's eyes. I still need to come see your cute living room!! And just come see you cuz I'm going through Budge withdrawls!