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January 3, 2009

Bored Much?

Today was Kyle's first Saturday back at work in a few months, and I was working tediously in the kitchen, so Bubba got a little bored and tried to entertain himself. First he made a "choo-choo" out of Ritz crackers, which I thought was pretty creative and impressive for a two-year-old. Then, when that got old, he decided to take a marker to our bedroom door and his face. Thanks goodness it was wet-erase!


Jewels said...

Looks like fun!! Miss you guys!!

Luke and Erin said...

Hey guys! I saw your name on Becky's bolg hope you don't mind if I add you to our list!?! You can visit us at!

You know what works great with marker and anything for that matter... Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Really there is not a job I have found that it can not handle, I trust me I have given it every test you can think of! I have boxes of them on hand at all times. Just a thought for the future!