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September 22, 2008

Hookie, Puppies, and the Legend of the Lost Sippie

Well, this weekend was our stake conference, so naturally, we took a little break. I teach primary, so when I get a chance to get a weekend off, watch out. They had announced it for six months, which was obviously so people could plan ahead of time to be out of town. haha, maybe not, but our little over-nighter to Park city with Tyler and Jaime was way fun. No babies, no bed-time, just crazy up-all-night fun(really, we were in bed by midnight). Thanks, friends!

We still have a male puppy and two female puppies of anyone knows anyone who is interested. Seriously, they are the cutest things ever!!
Bub is adorable. Kyle started working graves so he could go to school during the day, and Bubba walks around at night just crying for Daddy. He caught a football last night several times all by himself, and he's not even two. He also knows which letters of the alphabet are which, and how to count to two :D lol, he is a smarty pants!

We took Bub to the Zoo for the first time, and he loved it. He even tried giving his sippy to the monkey in the metal ball. Luckily, the monkey was being fed, and the nice lady with the bananas retrieved the otherwise lost-forever sippy.


Jewels said...

I miss you guys sooooo much!!! Looks like you had lots of fun!! Love ya lots!

Jaime said...

Woo woo!! for stake conference weekend getaways!! haha! It was super fun- thanks!!

Cecily R said...

AMY! It was so nice to hear from you! Look at you and your cute family!

Rick and Tiana did just have a baby, but my youngest is 16 months. Still a baby, but fast drifting toward true toddlerhood. Scary.

As for the other two, Isaac is ten and Gracie is 6. Can you believe that??

Isn't that just so weird that you grew up with Becky?? I love her and I'm sad that she's moving out of our ward now that I finally get to know her in person (we read each other's blogs for months before Jon and I happened to find a house in her ward).

Thanks for you comment on my photo blog. I really need to keep up with that one better. My main one is probably more complete when it comes to our lives. Its

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