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December 12, 2010

Bubba got an ear infection.
A pretty good one.
And since it had only been a few weeks since the last bad one had ruptured his eardrum, the doc immediately put him on antibiotics.
Penicillin this time.
About a week later, we got him ready for bed and noticed THESE!

Ummm....that can't be good.

Silly mom didn't think to stop the antibiotics

the next morning they were even worse, so we took him to the doc.

Who said he was having a severe reaction to the penacillin.


Something else to add to Bubba's list of "things I'm allergic to"


Melissa said...

Oh dang! That is so hard.

Blake said...

Eww. And Oww. That's all I'm going to say.

moellendorf family said...

oh my heck thats horrible i hope hes ok

Anonymous said...

I remember when my Little One got an allergy for the first time. She was like 8 months old. It was from a banana... and it wasn't that bad... just a rash... but not like yours little one...
I hope it's better now!