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June 4, 2009


I was just looking through my blog list, wondering where a few people have gone since they never post or comment anymore, and I realized that I am one of those people. I get on here almost every day, read everyone's updates, but don't comment or post an updat of my own. I'm sure it's because I don't have anything exciting to say, but just the fact that I am alive is a miracle in itself, so I will be better :D Nothing new here to report. Baby is doing good for now. We had a scare last week when his heart took a dive, but after six hours in the hospital, a couple reassuring ultrasounds, and no more signs of any major problems, we were able to come home, having avoided a very close-call for an emergency C-section. He seems to be doing fine. getting fat and happy (the kid already weighs 7 lbs or more...) Bubba is funny. He is getting excited for his new brother now that the bassinette is in our room,and bags are packed for the hospital(which, until this scare, they were not...I am a procrastinator, and almost brought this kid into the world not having a single diaper or, heaven forbid, the video camera!!). He loves having his cousins close (as do I) and is just growing into such a little man. Inevidably, he is not my little baby anymore, but I like him as a big-boy too :D


Anonymous said...

We still love to hear the updates! Seriously, especially about something like going to the hospital! I am so glad to hear that that has all been worked out. I didn't realize that the actual time was already so near! EXCITING!! What is crazy to me, is that I still haven't met Jaxon, and now I am going to be behind by Jaxon and Wyler!
Yeah, so the baby front here is...still not much to report, unfortunately. We have been trying all year so far, and things...haven't been working out. But, I am preparing as if they are. I painted the room, already have a cradle, and have started buying a package of diapers every time I go to Cosco, so I'll be set when she comes. :) So, you are not behind at all...believe me, you'll know!
Hope everything continues to go well for you!! Keep that baby healthy! Miss you SO MUCH!

DaBudges said...

After rereading through my post, I thought there might be a chance that something I said might be taken the wrong way. My life was in no way endangered any time recently(that I know of) I'm just saying its a miracle that any of us are alive...just to clarify

Inge Jaye said...

glad to hear you (all of you) are doing okay. thanks for updating. can't wait to hear about more adventures.

*** by the way, the comment word verification for this post is "wilyc" ... maybe it could be a nickname for wyler... or a sign that this post was supposed to be about him... :) just kidding. ***

The Johnson Fam said...

Jaxon is so cute. Im glad that baby Wyler is doing good, I saw that post on FB from Kyle and got a bit worried! I cant believe he will be here in just a couple of weeks, thats crazy!